Africa Safer Internet Day 2023

The Safer Internet Centre (SIC) in Ghana in collaboration with ITU Regional Office in Africa and other partners with similar interest, introduce to you one of the annual flagships programme known as the Safer Internet Day (SID) as part of the European Commission Better Internet for Kids (BIK) strategy. Following the recent launch of the new European strategy for a better internet for kids (BIK+), this year’s edition will provide an opportunity to discuss the strategy in detail, identifying its key objectives and priority actions.  

The aim of the  SIC+ programme among other things, is to promote the development and implementation of innovative actions to increase the participation of third-country organizations in online safety initiatives and best practices, in particular education programmes and awareness-raising campaigns, as well as helpline and hotline services, while identifying possible areas for exchange and mutual learning.

Why Africa Safer Internet Day?

Africa is a unique region on its own and has so much diversity which is relatable by Africans themselves. It is against this background the initiative to observe the Safer Internet Day coordinated by the European Commission and partners under the umbrella name: Africa Safer Internet Day. #ASID2023

The theme for SID remains: Together for a better internet however at the 2022 Safer Internet Forum (#SIF2022), attended by a number of organizations from 10 African countries have agreed the focus should be around Capacity Building. Therefore, the preferred sub-theme for 2023 Africa Safer Internet Day is “Empowering the African Child on Safer Internet.”  

The day will be celebrated in collaborations with major stakeholders including parents, government, and Civil Society Organizations to raise awareness on the emerging digital and online issues that influences the experiences of children and young people in Africa. 

The objective of the celebration is to:

  1. create awareness of Africa’s developing digital ecosystem with the public.
  2. enhance digital skills and capabilities of at least 5000 young people per collaborating country across Africa for effective participation in the digital. 
  3. encourage the media eco-system of their role in ensuring young people are empowered to thrive in digital.
  4. provide parents, teachers & carers with relevant resources in support of their safeguarding role.
  5. prepare available industry and private sector solutions for use by the wider audience.

Activities to help achieve the objectives are listed below:

  • Schools Outreach sessions
  • Community Outreach sessions
  • Media Outreaches
  • Parents forum
  • Policy dialogue
  • Youth voices
  • Policy dialogue
  • Industry showcase 
  • Digital Citizenship quizzes

With time you could visit our website at for more information. 

Who can participate


Children, parents, teachers, adults, public, CSOs, government, policy thinktanks, private/public health organizations, and educational institutions.   


How to get involved

  1. You can be involved by first, joining the virtual launch on 1st February 2023.
  2. Promoting the concept and activities by using the resources made available in this link …….
  3. You can display the banner or posters of the campaign on your facility walls. Access all campaign asset here.

Push the agenda via social media. Our theme is “Empowering the African Child on Safer Internet”. #ASID2023. Other suggested messages to be issued on and around 1st & 7th February 2023:


#SIDAfrica events will be taking place throughout Ghana and some other countries on the Continent translated in the 4 major Africa Union languages on the website.